Seven Ways to Leverage the Power of Transactional Emails

The main emails that get opened for most email marketers are the first few emails you send - better known as transactional emails. A transactional email is something the customer is expecting. They expect to get a welcome email, a thank you email, and a how-to download, or your product email. These emails will be opened and therefore you should make the most of them.

Write Clear Subject Lines

Be sure to write good subject lines that are more likely to be opened. "Julie, your purchase information" is a lot more informative than just "Thank you". It also implies that there is information inside about the purchase that they need to open.

Choose an Appropriate "From" Name and Address

Don’t make these transactional emails come from unknown email sources. You don’t want a "no-reply" email address. Instead, use your name if you're known. If your business is known, use your business name. If you want to, you can use the name of the product that they purchased but make it available to receive replies. 

Add Social Share Buttons

In each email, cross-promote your social platforms too. Invite them to join your Facebook group for customers. Invite them to like your Facebook business page, and ask them to tell their friends too by giving them both a coupon code.
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Ensure Your Emails Are Designed Mobile First

You want to ensure that your email messages can be read by your audience, especially those who have bought from you or who have downloaded a freebie from you. Therefore, make all your website and email design mobile first. 

Make Everything Personalized

These emails are even more important for personalization because they have done business with you. They have made a transaction of some kind with you. They deserve to get personalized messages and not canned messages. 

Ask for Feedback

These transactional emails are the best place to ask for feedback too. This is because they will be more likely to open them as well as respond to them. You can ask a simple question, send a survey, or ask them to come to your social group to give feedback.

Make Another Offer

Don’t be afraid to make another offer in one of your transactional emails. This is a great time to recommend products that go with what they already bought, or to quickly offer an upgrade to what they’ve already bought for a discount.

Your transactional emails are important real estate that you need to use because they are more likely to be read. You can set the stage for people being more likely to open future emails, depending on how useful and valuable these emails turn out to be for your audience.

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