Hacks For Keeping Your Pet Healthy And Happy

Pets are fun to have around and are good for helping children learn how to care for another being. But, they’re also a lot of work. To help pets become more a member of your family, try these fun and creative pet tricks.

* Potty Training Dogs
– Put a jingle bell by the door, ring it regularly and it teaches your dogs to ring the bell to go potty. If you ring it yourself each time you take them outside, they’ll quickly learn to alert you of their need on their own.

* Kitty Smells – To cut down on cat litter smells, build a cat box for your cat. Make the box so that the kitty has to climb up stairs, then down stairs to go. The smells will be trapped in the box and your cat will have privacy, too.

* Use a Laser Light
– You know you cannot train cats to behave, so quit trying. Instead distract them. When your cat is doing something you don’t want them to do, get out the laser light to distract them from whatever they’re doing.

* Protect Your Curtains – Cats love to play under and on drapes. Instead of worrying, put weighted tension rods on the bottom. These will not harm your cat but they will frighten it enough to make it stop wanting to play with them.

* Avoid Feeding Messes – For cat and dog food, just attach a pour spout. This will help you avoid making a mess as you pour the food into their bowls.

* Scratch Post Tip – If you want to teach your cat not to scratch the carpet, ensure that all scratch posts are made out of something besides carpet, or at least inside-out carpet so that it feels differently than the carpet.

* Box Him – Does your cat like to jump on your desk while you’re working, knocking things over and messing up your progress? Get a large enough shoe box, put toys in it, and set it on your desk. Now your cat will sit in there while you work.

* Scratching Furniture Trick – Want to train your cat not to scratch the furniture? Put sticky two-sided tape everywhere you want them to avoid. Cats won’t like the sticky feeling and will avoid it. After a while you can forgo the tape.

* Hamster Hack – Okay this is so sweet and cute; you have to see it. Someone got creative and made a hamster cage out of IKEA furniture. .

* Kill Bad Dog Breath – Use a fresh and clean lint brush covered with doggie toothpaste. Let your dog lick it off to rid them of doggie breath. You can also slip some parsley in their food.

Remember, even though you love your pet as a member of the family, they’re not human. The more you can learn about your pet’s personality and how animal behavior works, the more you’ll be able to raise happy and healthy pets.

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