6 Signs Your Gut Needs a Little TLC

Gut health is everywhere these days from cleanses to prebiotics to probiotics. You cant go far without someone talking about your gut.  But, is all the hype true or just a trend? Nutrigenomics Company LifeVantage breaks it down perfect in the article below. 

6 Signs Your Gut Needs Some TLC

If you haven’t noticed, gut health is big in the news. It seems like every week new research is coming out showing the connection between gut health and just about every other aspect of health. Though not conclusive, the mounting evidence suggests that maintaining a happy, healthy gut might be an important first step when trying to achieve better overall health.

Not sure where your gut health stands? Here are 6 signs your gut could use a little tender-loving-care (TLC):

  1. Occasional digestive issues (e.g., stomach aches, gas, bloating, heartburn)
    • We’ve all experienced some type of physical discomfort associated with our stomach at one point or another. And while the stomach ache or bloating often goes away on its own, it’s a sign of less-than-optimal conditions and is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.
  2. Brain fog
    • That’s right… that fogginess you notice from time to time might stem from the depths of your gut. Research shows that there is direct communication between the gut and the brain, what is referred to as the gut-brain axis. This means that any interruption in gut function can quickly interfere with the optimal functioning of the brain.
  3. Interrupted mood..  Read the Full Blog HERE

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